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Price List

We Participate in the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) Northwest Section 7 and use their Methods of Analysis Handbook for most of our analyses. We have put together a list of common tests and their prices, both list and when combined with other testing (2 or more tests).
(ASBS method code)
List Price Package Price
$30 $15
Bitterness, IBU
$30 $8
$10 $5
$10 $5
Anaerobic Plate Count
(AOAC Method)
$25 $8
Anaerobic Place Count Membrane Filtration/UBA $35 $12
Diacetyl,Vicinal Diketones
$30 $15
Total Air(ml) & CO2 (volumes) Zahm&Nagle 7000 $15 $8

Notes: alcohol distillation will yield % alcohol by weight and volume; Real and Apparent Extrat, and by calculation: Original Gravity (°Plato) and Real/Apparent Degrees of Fermentation.

Please inquire about additional testing.