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We refer you to Charles W. Bamforth, Ph.D., D.Sc, Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor at the University of California, Davis.

We've copied his list: Quality Control checks of Finished Beer.
This excerpt is from Standards of Brewing: A Practical Approach to Consistency and Excellence published in 2002 by the Brewer's Association, Boulder, CO. Buy the book at this URL:
For Bamforth's QC list - click here

7-15 bbl/batch operations are hard pressed to pay for all the above analyses. Many brewers ask us to run: alcohol, bitterness, color, pH and an anaerobic plate. We recommend this suite on every batch and charge $41/sample.

We can also recommend a suite of testing on wort that starts at $8/sample and gives a useful picture of your pre-fermentation process. Monitor your mash-in and boil processes to give you better resolution on error and establish Process Capability.

Contact us and we'll explain how we earn our money and your trust.